Ninth Internation Meeting
Chia Laguna, Sardinia, Italy 11-15 May 2015


Session title and Chairperson

1. Manufacturing Perspectives
    Geoffrey Pot
    Shire, Belgium
  4. Applications of Plasma Products and     Clinical Developments
    Salvador Grancha
    Instituto Grifols S.A., Spain
2. Quality and Regulatory Trends
    Timothy K. Hayes
    TKH Bioconsult LLC, USA
  5. Markets, Policies and Strategies
    John Curling
    John Curling Consulting AB, Sweden
3. Pathogen Safety
    Albrecht Gröner
    Pathoguard Consulting, Germany
  6. New Products & Innovations in
    Plasma Processing
    Sami Chtourou
    LFB Biotechnologies, France
Keynote Lecture   Focus Lecture
   John Perkins
   BPL Holdings, UK

      Brian D. Smith
   Pragmedic, UK


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